Carré plongeant Long

The Carré plongeant Long is a hairstyle that is still appealing to everyone in all seasons. What is it that makes the trend of plunging squares make us feel so insane? It is apparent that its asymmetrical aspect pleases more than logic. Because it’s more trendy and unique, this style can modernize your style and transform your appearance and style in only a few strokes.

Similar to the traditional square, this one is accessible on all kinds of hair, and in all lengths. Are you willing to plunge into the water and experiment with this uber-trendy cut? There is still a need to select what length you want your square to be. The plunging square rotates in different directions based upon the length you decide to assign it.

If you’re still not making your decision yet The editorial team at Find The Style will assist you with this advice!

What is a carré plongeant long?

What do you mean by a plunging square? Its name is quite clear and we’re sure many of you will be able to guess. We will however give you a short explanation to make sure all is transparent. It’s essentially cutting a shorter bob in the back that slowly lengthens in the front. It’s a kind of gradient thus, which is then rolled out around the shoulders, and eventually reaches significantly longer lengths than that of the traditional shorter round cut.

Some fantastic ideas for using the Carré plongeant Long. It’s up to you whether you want your hair straight or curly!

Will the long plunging square style suit my round face (oval, square, elongated, etc.)?

Usually , the long, plunging square will be presented as a cut that can be adapted easily to any face. If you’re blessed with a round figure, or a chubby look and long locks that are on the front are sure to be your most powerful partner. They are capable of softening the curves and stretching, at a minimum the face. Also, if you’ve got an oval face with angular facial features and a strong jawline, the long , plunging square will smooth and hide the features that are somewhat too strong and noticeable on your face. The longer face is, however, more difficult to support this cut , which puts greater emphasis on length. If this is the case it is possible to select a fringe to fall across the forehead that will bring the cut into harmony.

What is the best hairstyle for your Carré plongeant Long square?

As we’ve already said, the haircut that you are looking at offers many hairstyles you can choose from due to the lengths available. Certain people prefer the ultra-smooth style. Some will use an iron for curling to create gorgeous romantic waves. It is also possible to create gorgeous curls and style “beach waves” by spraying your hair in salt spray and then scrunching them for the bohemian style.

How do you keep your mid-length plunging square in place?

  • Don’t forget that the cut is short and requires little maintenance. With the short, plunging square stylized, you’ll have to be sure to maintain the hair looking shiny and silky as time passes. If your hair is dry and hard and brittle, you’ll be unable to style them in the way you’d like, and you may become bored of your short hair very quickly.
  • Use healthy bathtubs to strengthen hair fibers;
  • Change your routine for your hair by using shampoos that are compatible with your hair’s type
  • Choose natural products with no sulfates or chemical ingredients that harm hair and stop its breath from entering;
  • Utilize oils that nourish and fortify;
  • The most important thing is to visit a hairdresser regularly to maintain your cut by cutting the ends frequently. Your hair will be strengthened and revive the look of the cut.

How do you wear a Carré plongeant Long?

It’s neither long nor short. The advantage of the Carré plongeant Long is that you are able to style them in the way you want. Here are some suggested hairstyles that will sublimate the look.

1.  The half bun

Simple to create Easy to make, the half-bun on a plunging square adds the appearance. To make it, simply raise a part of the hair and then form the bun on top of the head. On vacation, at work or home, this haircut can be worn on a square of wavy plunging as it is for smooth hair either with or without bangs.

2.  African braiding

This style is great for a smooth face. It is suitable for hair with long lengths braids, the African braid enhances the Carré plongeant Long. The toughest part is figuring out how to create this type of braid, which is becoming sought-after in the fashion industry. For this kind of hairstyle, it’s possible for you to style this African braid in various ways, such as with a crown on the spiraling square or by placing two braids on top of each other that are one above and the other beneath.

3.  The banana bread

To create a stylish style for a chic look, the banana bun is an alternative option to dress a spiraling square. The pins are necessary to ensure that the banana bun will be worn for the duration of the day. To make this happen, cut the lengths in front and join them in half-tails. And then weave the remainder of the hair, strand after one strand, into a large bun that is attached to the half-tail.

Some pointers on how to wear this haircut

  • If you have hair that is long don’t hesitate to take it step by step. Doing everything at once may be too brutal and rough for your needs. Begin by cutting in mid-length, then shorter to make it much easier.
  • Do not cut your hair, ends or bangs by yourself! See a professional

Final Words about Carré plongeant Long

  • It is possible to adopt the shorter plunging square when you have faces that are thin. It also works perfectly with squares that blurs, are wavy or disheveled.
  • To style your short , slender square on a regular basis. It’s vital to keep your cut by taking care of it with the appropriate products and shampoos
  • Make sure you choose an appearance that complements the contour of your face.
  • Be wary of bangs with short sides that will quickly give you the appearance of a helmet, or a very retro look when you have such cuts that are short!
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