The Value of Automated Wellsite Services

The more easily you can automate parts of your workflow, the more you can focus on the parts that need a more human touch. There are some aspects of oil and gas well development, maintenance, and use that just can’t be easily handled by automated processes, though, and you’ll want to make wise choices in that area.

Trying to automate too much comes with its own set of problems in the same way that ignoring automation does. Fortunately, there are options for automated wellsite services that can help your company get more done. Then you can feel confident that your automation is fully optimized, so you can put your focus into other areas.

What Are Wellsite Services?

These kinds of services are exactly what they sound like. They’re designed to operate right at the site of the wells instead of bringing in offsite equipment and support. These services help engineers make quick decisions based on real-time data. So they can keep the wells operating as efficiently as possible. There’s less need for personnel when there are automated services, too. Which can reduce the risk of injury to people who would otherwise be right near the wells.

How Much Can Be Automated?

Companies like RWLS, LLC know that there are a lot of different aspects that are ripe for automation. At the end of the day, though, it’s still important to have professionals who can come and take care of any problems that automation can’t solve. If there are stuck pipes, lost tools, or other issues, it’s not possible for an automated system to take care of those things. It may be possible to get alerted to those concerns, though, which can start the process of solving issues faster.

What is the Value of Automation?

One of the most is that it can reduce the impact of a labor shortage. Skilled labor can be in short supply at times, and automation helps alleviate the problems that would otherwise cause. The more advancements technology makes, the less likely it is that workers will be needed at the wellsites themselves. Since this is dangerous and often unforgiving work, automated options can be far safer and increase protection for oil and gas industry workers.

The right support matters, though, and there will always be jobs that automation can’t handle. By coupling automated wellsite services with professional employees, your oil and gas industry company can get the best of both worlds.

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