Chalkida in any other case – The hidden beauties of a town with dependable fans specific tour -. Actually enjoy a multi-collective town. The best magic of the second biggest island of Greece. Can be hidden withinside the mere eighty km that separates it from the small town. Evia is so near that we frequently overlook that its miles an island.

A large island indeed, with Chalkida as its capital, a town with exceptionally lengthy records and lots of dependable fans. By doing a brief and truly non-existent survey among associates and friends. One comes with relative ease to the realization that there has to now no longer be an Athenian who has now no longer visited at least once in his life, even for some hours.

It is a vacation spot for everyone. That’s why on weekends it’s miles full of families, couples of all ages, and groups – younger and old. But despite the fact that Chalkida is always one of the pinnacle picks of Athenians for an excursion. Maximum people frequently neglect the records and hidden beauties of this area and repeat the identical itinerary time and again. Alongside the coastal prom to the crimson house. Espresso subsequent to the “loopy waters” of Evripos after which go back to the auto and opt for sparkling fish and seafood withinside the in any other case super Souza stores of Nea Lampsakou.

History of Chalkida

The present-day look of the town of Chalkida cautiously hides its superb architectural past. The fact is that the current town of Chalkida in no manner betrays its architectural past. The complete town till 1885 turned into enclosed in partitions, in a medieval citadel, whilst a synthetic moat made it appear to be a tiny self-reliant island withinside the lengthy strip of sea that separates Evia from Central Greece. Its strategic role attracted the hobby of the primary population of the town, who, having a proper premonition that it might carry their energy and wealth, settled withinside the location already withinside the Paleolithic era.

Its first crucial prehistoric agreement with proof of early urbanization. Homes, roads, open collecting areas along with squares had been found, etc. dates again to 3000 BC. and turned into positioned five kilometers northwest of Chalkida, withinside the area of Manika. The town of Chalkida appears to have already taken its call from that point way to the specialization of the population of Manika in metallurgy and the copper trade.

Chalkida in 800 BC

The town of Chalkida turned based around 800 BC, at the identical time because of the town of Eretria. Many centuries and limitless chapters of records later. Across the sixth century AD, Justinian fortifies Chalkida, as each town and the whole island of Evia had unique naval significance for the Byzantine Empire.

In 1205 AD starts off evolved the maximum superb length for Chalkida. The length of the Latin occupation, at some stage in which the medieval citadel is rebuilt and its partitions, are strengthened, whilst at the identical time the town will become recognized through the call of Negroponte, a sturdy port of the Venetians and seat of the Venetian Although till 1461 AD Negroponte has been appreciably strengthened, didn’t repel the assault of the Turks, who had already began to unfold into Greek territory, and finally 1470 Mohammed II himself conquers Chalkida. The town remained beneath neath the Turkish yoke till 1833.

Chalkida after 1885

Chalkida maintained its marvelous partitions and multicultural man and woman even after its liberation. But in 1885 the mythical citadel turned into demolished by the Greeks and the construction of substances because of its demolition had been used to cowl the moat. This is how Chalkida arrived at its structure today, a town that we frequently assume we realize pretty well, however, which itself nonetheless holds limitless hidden secrets. The stops that observe withinside the current town screen us another, for years hidden map of Chalkida and screen us the alternative face of this historical town in order that we are able to eventually see Chalkida in a one-of-a-kind manner.

Places to visit in Chalkida

Archaeological Museum of Chalkida “Arethousa”

The new Archaeological Museum of Chalkida “Arethousa” opened its doorways to the general public at the start of 2021 It is positioned close to the port of Chalkida of the classical and Roman times, withinside the district of Agios Stefanos, in which the springs of the legendary Arethousa nonetheless gush forth gurgling water today. It is housed in commercial construction of the twentieth century. The old “Arethousa SA” distillery, that’s the identical exhibit, whilst it’s also a declared international history monument. The new Archaeological Museum of Chalkida “Arethousa” opened its doorways to the general public at the start of 2021. And is a crucial approach of orientation for site visitors to each Chalkida and the completion of Evia.

The museum is thematic and affords 4 important elements of the records of Chalkida– country organization, worship, economic system, and cultural identities – whilst it additionally has sub-themes, along with the records of the construction that homes it. Short films and multimedia programs body the sections of the museum. Which gives a current, interactive museum enjoyment to site visitors. The museum is likewise handy for human beings with disabilities. Entrance to the museum is free. Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 08.30 to 15.30, Tuesday closed.

Karambaba Castle

Visit Karambaba Castle. The impregnable citadel of Karambaba stands tall on the web page of the historic town of Kanithos at the mainland coast of Chalkida. Overseeing now no longer simplest the Straits of Euripus. However a big part of the Euboean Gulf. The citadel press became constructed in 1684 by the Ottomans. Who prepared it with 6 cannons below, 14 at the roof, and some other 20 at the bastions, none of which survive. The which might be withinside the citadel press these days come from a Russian delivery. Which the Germans located there later. Today, withinside the western bastion there’s an exhibition area that homes many reveals from the early Christian, Byzantine, Venetian, and Ottoman durations of Chalkida, beginning from the fifth century AD.

The Karambaba citadel gives a wide-ranging view of the town of Chalkida. But past its exhibits, the citadel additionally gives an outstanding panoramic view. Stand at the jap rampart, appreciate the view in the direction of the town of Chalkida and try and consider what it’d have given the look of earlier than the medieval partitions had been torn down. The first-rate manner to climb the citadel press is to observe the route across the citadel press. It is a stunning direction of six hundred meters in total, among pines, prickly pears, and flowers, satisfactory sufficient to provide captivating images. The citadel press may be visited each day from 08.00 to 15.00, besides Monday, and the doorway is loose.

Athenato Square

Walk withinside the oldest community of Chalkida Behind Athanato Square. Which is positioned without delay contrary to the vintage bridge, beats the coronary heart of vintage Chalkida. It is a small district that became withinside the partitions. The citadel district, as it’s far called, is controlled to break out the modernization of the town. So these days it nonetheless exudes something from the air and records of this place. Explore the small alleys, and appreciate the conventional. Tale homes with cornices and iron balconies. Lots of that are unluckily now in decline. The citadel district nonetheless exudes something of the air and records of this place.

Religious places in Chalkida

A reality that reasons terrific admiration is that during this small district the locations of worship of 3 specific religions controlled to coexist peacefully throughout the Ottoman period. At a distance of simply one constructing block, we are able to nonetheless discover the church of Agia Paraskevi, the Jewish synagogue, and the mosque of Emir Zade.

Church of Agia Paraskevi

The facade of the church of Agia Paraskevi. The lower back view and the bell tower of the church. Paraskevi, which is a historic monument, dates lower back to the fifth century AD. Consistent with tradition, it became based on the ruins of a historic Greek temple. As evidenced through the columns and pesos of the temple which endure the blue capitals of the Ionic and Corinthian styles. Directly throughout the church of Agia Paraskevi is preserved the residence of Vailos, the Venetian Governor of Chalkida, who met a terrible demise by being sawed off by the Ottomans once they occupied Chalkida. It is an unprecedented architectural specimen that mixes Venetian and Ottoman structures and is really well worth a visit.

The church of Agia Paraskevi is a parish church and operates normally. It is open every day from 07.00 am. till 12.00 p.m. and from 17.00 to 19.00 p.m. Valio’s residence is open each Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10.00 am. till 16.00 pm and access is loose.

The Synagogue of Chalkida

Just some meters from Agia Paraskevi dominates the Synagogue of Chalkida. The Synagogue of Chalkida is one of the oldest in Greece. Even though its Jewish network is the simplest one in Europe that has persevered to stay constant. For 2,500 years withinside the equal Synagogue has been destroyed in six instances over the years. Whenever it became rebuilt withinside the precise equal spot. That is why it’s far unknown whilst the primary one became constructed.

The mosque of Emir Jade

A breath away, withinside the rectangular of Fallen Soldiers. Dominates the mosque of Emir Zade, which these days capabilities as an exhibition area. Built withinside the fifteenth century by the Turks. The mosque is preserved in superb condition. Even though the minaret has been removed.

The Emir Zade Ottoman Mosque homes the outstanding series of Ioannis Karakostas engravings and is open each Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10.00 am. till 16.00 pm with loose access.

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