“Diving into water is one the most wonderful feelings in the universe.” – Aheda Zanetti. Aheda Zanetti, an Australian fashion designer from Lebanese descent, created the burkini in 2004. Its purpose was to encourage women to participate in sports and beach culture without compromising their modesty or choice on clothing.

Zanetti was watching her niece play netball and noticed how inappropriately her niece looked in a skivvy, tracksuit trousers, and a hijab. This is completely unsuitable for any sport. She began to look for sportswear suitable for Muslim girls. Burkini was her solution to the fashion industry’s gaps.

What is a Burkini?

Burkini is a combination of a burqa. It is a modest outer covering that covers your head from top to bottom. It’s a full-body swimming suit that is modest, sleek, and breathable. It is two pieces of clothing that you can swim in, and this is why ‘bikini” is so popular.

The original purpose of Burkini was to allow Muslim women to participate in watersports and other activities. Women of all races and colours love Burkini for its ability to express themselves, let loose and enjoy what they do. It is more liberating to let go of your limitations and still do your best.

Explained: A French court has upheld the ban on Burkinis in Grenoble

The appeal by Grenoble, a French city that wanted to allow swimwear in public swimming pools, including burkinis, was rejected by a top court.

France bans burkini swimwear because of religious reasons

France’s highest administrative court ruled Tuesday that body-covering “burkini,” swimwear for religious reasons should not be allowed in public swimming pools. It argued that this violates the principle of government neutrality towards religion. The French interior minister cheers when court deals are made for the city’s new regulations.Burkini describes as a mixture of bikini and burka. It’s a full-body swimsuit that is modest, sleek, and breathable.

Burkini | Modest Swimwear |

Burkini’s modest swimwear line is the perfect way to nail holiday style. Find the perfect styles and designs this season.You can order bulk Muslim swimsuits here. These also include hijab-covered and full-coverage Islamic swimwear

French court confirms the ban on “burkinis” in Grenoble swimming pool

After a higher court upheld the ban on “burkinis” in public swimming pools, some women will have to miss a day at the pool in Grenoble in eastern France.

Southwestern France: Burkini Disputes Reveal in Southwestern France

French government challenges Grenoble’s decision to allow Muslim swimsuits in municipal pools

Muslim women in ‘burkinis’ were able to swim in pools despite the ban by their municipal authorities on full-body swimwear.

French Muslim women defy the burkini ban

Muslim women have protested against the ban on burkinis in public pools, prompting a strong response from the far right.  The French top administrative court ruled Tuesday against the allowance of swimmers wearing full-body “burkini,” swimwear, in public swimming pools.

French court bans ‘burkini-style’ swimwear because of religious reasons

The top French administrative court ruled Tuesday that body-covering “burkini,” swimwear for religious reasons should not be allowed in public swimming pools.

Are burkinis banned in France?

France does not have a blanket ban on the wearing of burkinis. In most of the state-run swimming pools in France, both men and women must adhere to strict swimwear guidelines. Men requires to wear tight-fitting trunks for hygiene reasons.

A number of mayors from southern France decided to ban the burkini from French beaches in 2016. This triggered the first national debate on the subject. Four armed officers from Nice approached a woman lying on the beach and issued her a fine for failing to wear “an outfit that respects good morals” and secularism.

A ban on clothing that “overtly demonstrates adherence to religion” imposes by the French resort. This ban refers to terror attacks in France that occurred earlier in the year.

Cannes, the film festival host, was one of the towns that imposed a similar ban. Also, burkini ban in Sisco and Corsican. This occurred amid tensions about the presence of large North African communities on the island.

Why is the controversy surrounding burkinis?

It is not a new idea to police women’s bodies and choose what they wear. A modest swimwear option was always intended to be an option, but it is now being viewed as a political statement, or worse, a threat. Ongoing, a pregnent mother go with her daughter to beach. But they have no permission to enter at the Lilac Resort in Ste Anne. What they were wearing. The owner approached Halima Jelloul and her children, thinking that their clothes were streetwear. This is against the rules at the waterpark. He later apologised.

Similar scenes also repeates in Canada and all over the globe. In this regard, many people targeted muslim women. Why they wear burkini at beach or poll. This issue happen from all over the world due to Islamophobia and ignorance. France has a countrywide ban on Burkinis. Women in Italy can also face a fine of up to 500 Euros for wearing one.

What were the other major issues surrounding burkini?

Seven women protesting the ban wore burkinis and walked into Grenoble’s pool. The debate prompted a statement from the prime minister affirming that existing rules should be respected.

In 2019, French sports giant Decathlon was also in the centre of controversy after it announced plans for a new “sports jacket” for female runners.

Choose Your Burkini Style

There are many styles and designs to choose from when it comes to burkinis. You have the option to make it floral or more formal. You can accessorise with accessories such as a fitted chic swim turban or detachable skirts. Although there are many fashion houses who have begun investing in the design of new beachwear, only a few maintain a high standard. However, LYRA Swimming is a well-known brand for Burkinis. There is a huge selection of women wearing our collection all around the globe.

Lyra Swim offers a variety of options, including elegant neutrals and subtle inset prints. Lyra Swim is also famous in all over the world for its elegent design. Such as sleek turtlenecks or detachable skirts that provide coverage.

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